Custom handles for your hand

Transform your rifle or pistol grip into a custom meshpro grip handle

Why do I need a custom molded handle?

Our grips are offered as standard in the three standard sizes S, M and L for right and left hand shooters. This way we ensure that we can basically offer a suitable grip for every hand.

However, we observe the need for an even better and individual fit of the grip to the hand among many sport shooters. Especially in the case of air pistol grips, this desire leads to all kinds of processing actions on their own standard grips. Often, the optics lag behind. This is where we come in, because we can produce an individual MeshPro grip based on your grip.

How do we produce a custom handle for your hand?

For a Meshpro custom handle, we need a handle from you as a template. The handle should already be adapted to your hand. You can purchase handle modeling soon.

Once we receive your handle, it is scanned with a high precision 3D scanner.
We use this 3D data to create a custom Meshpro molded handle.