About our products

MeshPro specializes in the development and production of modern shooting sports equipment. Our grips are not only a real eye-catcher, they also offer the user clear advantages over all conventional grips. Due to the additive manufacturing process produced grid structure (mesh), material and thus weight is saved. In addition to maximum stability, this mesh structure also ensures permanent ventilation of the grips – ideal against sweaty hands in competition stress. In addition to the standard sizes S, M and L, individual grips adapted to the hand of the athlete will soon be available.

About us & our idea

MeshPro was founded in 2018 by Julian & Simon Kemmer as the “Plastics Technology” division of Kemmer Edelstahlschlosserei GmbH in Radolfzell on Lake Constance. As passionate sports shooters, we are full of ideas, passion and enthusiasm for the sport. Due to our many years of experience in shooting sports, we know the wishes and needs of sports shooters and their high expectations of their equipment. We use this knowledge to address the problems of sport shooters through our innovative products and to improve their equipment and thereby their performance. By using the latest technology and our innovative design, we are able to leave behind everything “conventional” to set new standards in shooting sports equipment.

The founding team

Simon Kemmer

Development & Production

Julian Kemmer


Development & Milestones


Start of 3D modeling.


Development of own 3D printer.


Realization of our idea through the use of our 3D printer.


Founding of Meshpro & filing our patent for 3D printed handles with a mesh structure.