Top Performances with MESHPRO

Experience precision, style, and comfort like never before with our innovative grips, cheek pieces, and handrests for air rifles and small-bore rifles. Our revolutionary 3D-printed shooting sports equipment with our MESH structure takes shooting sports to a whole new level.

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MESHPRO products distributed by Feinwerkbau

MESHPRO products are available immediately from Feinwerkbau and all Feinwerkbau dealers!


Better grip

The innovative mesh structure of our sports grips provides a better feel.


Reduced perspiration due to the air circulation enabled.tion


Nothing is spared on the ProGrip - except the amount of material.


We use sustainable materials and avoid material waste through the 3D printing process.

MESHPRO accessories

For the new Feinwerkbau model 900 and 2800

Hand rest

The hand rest in the innovative MeshPro design not only looks good, but also provides maximum grip and stability for the support hand.


Thanks to our revolutionary mesh structure, the ProGrip is not only a visual eye-catcher, it also offers numerous other advantages over conventional grips.

Cheek piece

The MeshPro cheek piece completes the set and ensures that the head rests comfortably and precisely, thus providing even more precision.

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